Compliance Quarter

Product Explainer

Bringing the law into the 21st century. 

When new products enter the market, it can be difficult to not only inform customers of a business’ existence but also what their product is. Add to this the need to outline the product benefits and why it’s better than the competition.

This was exactly Compliance Quarter’s problem and why they approached Hank Mango for an animated explainer video, the perfect way to communicate all these ideas. They were interested in rising above the usual corporate look and feel and use motion graphics to try something visually new and different, a challenge we relished.

We first took the time to understand what their core product was and developed a script that could communicate their core offerings as succinctly as possible. We used strong visuals and dynamic animation to fill in the rest of the story and convey the emotions we wanted. That of an innovative, dynamic brand with a market leading product.

The video was a great success and gained Compliance Quarter a lot of traction through social media. It’s used as a core sales tool when approaching new prospects as it quickly and cost effectively educates potential clients in a fraction of the time.

Client: Compliance Quarter
Director:  Hank Mango
Animation:  Dave Cochrane, Joe Redding
Design: Dave Cochrane
Audio: ZeVillard Production
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