Who is
Mr Mango?

There’s a tropical fruit you just gotta know
With his daring creatives and producer in tow
Forging video marvels that cut straight to the core
Sparking laughter, delight, curiosity and awe
They spin a good yarn so come say hello
To the irrepressible team at Hank Mango.

We’re a
fruity bunch

Hank Mango

Spiritual leader

After ripening in Northern Queensland, Hank moved to Sydney with a passion for creating a world class motion graphics company. A results focused leader he never lets any obstacles, such as being a fictional mango, get in the way of his or his client’s goals.

Dave Cochrane

Creative Director

With over a decade of experience in animation and motion graphics in the creative landscape Dave’s expertise is in demand. Dave’s work uses design and aesthetic appeal to deliver the commercial message with punch!

Michael Saad

Executive Producer

Michael’s mad project management skills keep the whole outfit ticking like a clock. Timelines, budgets, schedules all yield to his mighty will.